My Story

For over 10 years I have worked for a variety of clients ranging from household names such as Microsoft and Paypal, to events companies and local businesses. With my knowledge, skillset and equipment I’m able to keep all work in-house allowing me not only to work closer with my clients, but also more importantly to deliver the highest quality films at a very competitive cost.

Whether it be a TV commercial, promotional film, crowdfunding video or corporate film, I have a vast range of experience shooting in a variety of scenarios - I’ve filmed on the side of ships at sea in the middle of the night and hung out of gyrocopters to get the shot!

Shooting a promo film for the British Neuroscience Association at King’s College London

Depending upon the scale of the budget, I either work on my own or with a select group of trusted professionals who are experts in their area. On bigger projects I bring together the best people for the job and collaborate and share ideas with the crew so that I can deliver the best final film to clients.

I also work on my own to deliver high quality films for smaller productions where budget or other factors may be a factor. I work with the client to craft creative treatments and budgets to fit their requirements.

Director and camera operator on a commercial for Duracell, working with the crew I pulled together for the last minute shoot

Skilled across video production, from story-boarding and script-writing through camera operation and lighting, to editing and animation /  motion graphic design - I have worked with large event production companies to deliver to their clients, and frequently receive high praise for my work.

With an extensive knowledge and experience of software such as Adobe After Effects, Premiere and Cinema 4D we can always deliver high quality content. Building on skills obtained working for a variety of clients, I've since won awards for my motion graphics work and short film projects.