Filming a disused WW2 gun battery

Drone selfie with myself and Chris Hammond, who helped track down the owner of the land

Last year I took my drone out to the local nature reserve, and upon inspecting a few photos I noticed a strange group of buildings in the corner of one image. I managed to track down the owner of the land and requested a bit of information. Upon learning that the site was a (now privately owned) WW2 gun battery, I asked if it would be OK to make a short film about the site.

Luckily, the land owner agreed to help, and on a sunny day in early April I headed out armed with my URSA Mini Pro and my Mavic Air drone to capture the hidden location.

Whilst i managed to shoot the location from a variety of angles, I felt that the location had a much deeper story that deserved to be told. Luckily enough the land owner had kept many photos and newspaper articles from the time the battery was in use. I scanned in images and through researching the battery I was able to craft a short film that not only showed off the site but also gave a small history lesson.

The site viewed from above - had to be careful to edit my car out of the final film!

I’ve not worked on a historical project before and hadn’t really planned to - but the experience was fascinating and rewarding. Being able to bring the site back to life generated a lot of local interest and the gentleman who now owns the site was moved to see the care and respect that had gone into my film.

To me, this just shows that inspiration comes from the most random of places sometimes, and that even on your own doorstep there are plenty things to be discovered!