Filming on St Martin's, the Isles of Scilly


This week I was lucky enough to travel to the Isles of Scilly on a shoot with producer Chris Tuff (CTV), to create a promotional film for ‘Scilly Flowers’ as part of an advertising campaign produced by Cornwall Living magazine.

Grab from the film - Scented narcissi growing on St Martin’s

Getting to St Martin’s was an interesting experience. A drive to Land’s End from Portishead, followed by a 20 minute flight to St Mary’s (the main island) and finally a boat to St Martin’s. Once on the island it was fairly simple to get around by walking, quad bike or van on their only road! Scilly Flowers grows flowers all year round and the purpose of the film was to show where they are based, what they do and give an insight into the process and the people behind it.

Another grab from the film - picking narcissi in one of the many flower fields

The first day we arrived with blue skies, no wind and the sun feeling like the middle of June. I filmed location shots of the island, as well as in the flower fields and on several beaches. We stayed on the island for one night at the farm in a holiday flat before waking up to a more typical English February day - wind pushed me and my camera about and I was rained on a few times! Thankfully, this is all part of life at St Martin’s and showing a variety of weather benefits the film by showing the growing conditions on the island.

Equipment wise I was travelling light - so only about 5 cases! Shooting the film on the URSA Mini Pro 4.6k was so much fun - the ability to keep both highlights in the sky and shadows when the sun was high gives the film a great look. I shot mostly wide on the Sigma 18-35mm with one or two macro shots on my Canon 100mm 2.8. I mainly shot wide (I usually favor the 35mm end of the lens but this time kept a lot at 18mm) as I wanted to show the scale of the island and also give some context to people and their surroundings.

Just after landing on St Mary’s - a fun flight!

Overall it was a fantastic experience - landing back at Land’s End (after a rather bumpy flight that was lucky to actually take-off!) we all felt like we’d been on an adventure of sorts.

Island life certainly seems to be fun, and I’m really looking forward to putting the first edit in front of everyone at Scilly Flowers!