School Photography

The Sony a6300 with the Sigma 18-35mm lens - when the lens is much bigger than the camera!

One of my regular clients for photography is a company which designs websites for schools. I cover schools for the across the South West, but have also done some as far North as Carlisle. The projects tend to be a half day, so either starting or finishing around the school lunch break.

Each shoot has specific requirements and a schedule drawn up by the school - they often will cram their photography session with as many different activities as possible, and the weather is usually good at dictating what those activities will be! I’m asked to keep the focus of any images in the bottom two thirds of the photo, which allows the website to have banners and so on along the top of the image without cropping out anyone’s face!

My Sony A7Sii with Sigma 50mm F1.4 ART lens and battery grip

My go-to kit for photography is my Sony A7Sii - whilst purchased originally for stills, it’s full frame sensor with large pixel size means I have really nice bright images. I use mostly my Sigma ART 50mm F1.4 and leave it wide open to give me a nice shallow depth of field that really helps the subject pop out from the background.

For sports and other quick moving subjects I use my little Sony a6300 which has an incredibly fast burst rate and autofocus when using the Sigma MC-11 adapter in combination with any of my Canon EF lenses.

Each school is very different and it’s always fun making the most of the facilities and getting children to go read books in ‘random places’ (as I put it to them) - it makes for some really interesting images! An example of my work would be -

I also create video backgrounds too for use on the websites - an example would be

One school image I can safely share!