Creating a video for the British Neuroscience Association

Ruby Wax in a still from my BNA film

Ruby Wax in a still from my BNA film

I was approached by the British Neuroscience Association and asked to create a series of films that showed who they were, what they do and give an insight into the world of neuroscience.

About to interview Sarah-Jayne Blakemore

When I put together my treatment to help with my pitch for the project, I decided to try something a bit different. My idea was to have the interviewees sat centre frame on a wide shot, delivering straight to camera. I felt that this would give the films a more informal feel, allowing them to be conversational as opposed to the more corporate ‘talking head’ approach. Luckily the BNA liked the idea!

Sound recordist Matt Walker miking up Matt Eagles

The first film I was tasked with creating was a six minute educational film. The purpose of the film would be to encourage people to study neuroscience, whilst at the same time giving a little information about the BNA and neuroscience in general. Therefore the audience would be quite varied and we felt the film needed to be scientific enough to hold the interest of people currently in the industry, whilst at the same time being accessible to outsiders.

I brought together a crew for the film, including producer Chris Tuff to help with coming up with questions for each interviewee. We were given some amazing people to speak to, including Ruby Wax and other experts such as Sarah-Jayne Blakemore, Paul Howard-Jones and David Nutt. It was amazing to speak to these people and the content they brought to the film was valuable in getting the messages across.

Speaking to David Nutt in King’s College London Chapel

I filmed on my camera kit, shooting on the URSA Mini Pro and the Sigma 18-35mm - I shot in 4.6k and at the wide end of the lens. This allowed me to have space around the speaker to add motion graphics and titles, whilst at the same time giving me the option to cut in to a close up and not lose any quality visually. We were only given a few locations so had to get creative with the angles. I tried to keep a sense of symmetry throughout and I think this worked and helped contribute to the whole look of the film.

I finally found a brain. Insert joke here.

Please take a look at the finished film below. I really enjoyed working on the film and I’d love to hear any comments below.

I am looking forward to jumping back into the rushes and working on the other films for them over the next few weeks!